Top 5 Universities in Finland For International Students

Finnish universities are a great place to study for international students. They offer a wide variety of degree programs in English, so you’ll be able to easily communicate with your classmates and professors.

Most public universities in Finland are tuition-free for European and Swiss students. Non-EU/EEA citizens will need to pay tuition fees, but there are many scholarships available to help fund your studies abroad.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Laurea University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest universities in Finland. It offers a variety of facilities and activities for international students.

Located in Vantaa, the university is well known for its strong educational programs and facilities. Its high-end classrooms and interactive curriculum help to develop international students holistically.

The university also has a reputation for being a safe and secure place to study and live. It has several academic and non-academic facilities, as well as an excellent library.

Its Learning by Developing (LbD) operational model encourages individual freedom and responsibility, equality and co-operation with organizations. This enables students to connect with the working world throughout their studies and increase the employment rate of graduates.

Laurea’s fields of expertise include service innovations, health, wellbeing and social integrity as well as coherent security and entrepreneurship. It carries out professionally oriented bachelor and master degree programmes and different kind of continuing education.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

The largest university of applied sciences in Finland, Metropolia offers a wide range of degree programs in Culture, Business, Health Care and Social Services. Its innovative learning environments and forward-thinking attitude toward work make it a popular choice among international students.

The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at Metropolia are accredited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). They cover a variety of fields such as Technology, Business, Health Care, and Social Services.

In addition to modern study and research facilities, Metropolia has a number of activities for international students. These include an international student association, METKA; the university’s own Erasmus Student Network (ESN); and sports opportunities.

In cooperation with HTW Berlin, Metropolia has developed the international Master’s program Construction and Real Estate Management (ConREM). The four-year course teaches new expert knowledge for tackling demanding change and development projects at work.

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

The University of Applied Sciences South-Eastern Finland (Xamk) was established in the beginning of 2017 when Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences merged. It is the fifth largest university of applied sciences in Finland with 10 872 students across four campuses.

The university is a pioneer in digital learning, entrepreneurship and Russian co-operation. Its strategic objective is to be among the top five universities of applied sciences in Finland regarding student satisfaction, studies and graduates’ employment rate.

Its facilities and activities are well-suited for international students. They offer international language courses, study abroad programmes and a wide range of internship opportunities.

In addition to the university’s own facilities, it also works closely with a number of companies and other organisations. This includes practical training, which is a crucial part of the education process.

The university offers a number of benefits to international students, including a low tuition fee and good accommodation. However, it is important to note that the housing situation in South-Eastern Finland is not as good as that in Helsinki or other European cities.

Lab University of Applied Sciences

If you want to study a bachelor’s or master’s degree in English, Lab University of Applied Sciences is the place for you. It has three campuses, two in Lahti and one in Skinnarila, and offers a range of courses in engineering, design, business, hospitality, and healthcare.

The facilities are excellent and international students have access to modern classrooms, high-tech auditoriums, and collaborative spaces. There is also a great library that serves both Skinnarila and Lahti campuses.

There is a strong focus on research, development and innovation in LAB’s activities. These are in the areas of circular economy, design, commercialisation of innovations and service innovations for health and well-being.

If you are an international student, LAB has a number of opportunities for you to gain work experience while studying. These include internships and international semesters that help you develop your skills and find a job after graduation.

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