Short Courses in Pakistan After Intermediate


After completing Matric and Inter in Pakistan, students are able to join many short courses to polish their skills. These courses can be found both in public and private sector institutes.

These professional short courses are a good option for students who want to get skilled in less time. This way, they can keep up with the fast-paced job market and maximize their employability.

Forensic Science

Forensic science is a field that uses the techniques of many sciences, including chemistry and biology, to examine and analyze evidence in court. It’s used by lawyers, judges and police agencies to prove the guilt or innocence of a defendant in criminal proceedings and to resolve civil disputes.

It also helps families who have lost loved ones to confirm their fate in a time of loss. This helps with the grieving process and allows people to move on in life.

A forensic science career requires a lot of hard work and professionalism. You need to avoid making mistakes, have good communication skills and be able to recognize small changes in the evidence at a crime scene.

Information Technology

The information technology industry is a fast-growing one, and is a great field for those who wish to earn a decent living. It offers a wide variety of career options and requires specific skills to excel.

Whether you’re looking to improve your computer skills or want to learn more about network security, there are a number of short courses in pakistan after intermediate that can help you get started.

These courses are designed by qualified IT professionals to impart many key concepts and skills, which can make you more productive at home, work and in studies.

The course covers a broad range of subjects, including operating systems, programming and hardware. It also focuses on critical thinking and system analysis. It is a great way to prepare for industry certifications in this area.

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is the process of inspecting, servicing, testing and repairing aircraft to ensure they are safe and airworthy. It’s a critical aspect of any commercial or civil airline.

In addition to keeping planes flying smoothly, aircraft maintenance can help to reduce costs by avoiding major repairs and overhauls. It can also help to increase the lifespan of your aircraft.

The air travel industry is one of the largest economic contributors at a global level, and aircraft maintenance plays an important role in its success.

Aircraft maintainers have the task of conducting regular checks and inspections on aircraft to ensure they’re up to snuff with regulations set by the FAA and other airworthiness agencies. They also ensure that all passengers are protected during flight.


If you’re interested in a career that combines your love of science and healthcare, then nursing is the right short course in pakistan after intermediate for you. It is a challenging but rewarding profession that can change the lives of people.

Nurses work with patients to prevent, diagnose and treat disease or injury. They also play a role in promoting health, advocating for better care and managing the healthcare system.

The path to becoming a nurse can vary depending on the type of program. Some schools and hospitals offer a two-year associate degree in nursing (ADN).

Other schools and colleges offer a bachelor of science in nursing (BSc Nursing) with courses in medical technology, human anatomy and physiology, pediatrics, health economics and management. These programs are more technical and can help you secure a job with prestigious healthcare companies.


Psychology is a science that studies the mind and how it works. It is an important field of study that can help you understand human behavior and why we do the things we do.

Having a good understanding of how the mind works can help you in many different fields. This includes areas such as education, healthcare, forensics and law.

There are a number of different courses that you can choose from if you want to study psychology. These range from undergraduate diplomas to bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in specialised fields.

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