Which Course is Best After Intermediate in Pakistan?


Choosing the right course for you after intermediate is an important decision. Taking the time to do your research can help you find the best options for your career.

Before making a decision, consider the following factors. These include your interests, preferences, and skill set.


MBBS is the most popular course after intermediate in Pakistan, and it’s one of the most coveted degrees in the country. It’s a five-year degree program that equips students with professional knowledge of medicine.

In addition to learning the basics of medical science, MBBS also offers students a chance to practice in hospitals and clinics during their internship year. After the graduation, a graduate can pursue their doctorate degree in medicine or another medical field of their choice.

Whether you’re an aspiring student who’s looking to get into the field of medicine or someone who wants to take their career in a new direction, it’s important to understand the different degrees and options available to you. These fields can be overwhelming, so it’s crucial to take your time to research and decide what’s right for you.

Computer Science

Computer Science is one of the best courses after intermediate in Pakistan because it provides a platform for you to become an expert in your field. Besides, it helps you in developing the skills required to solve problems and communicate your ideas effectively.

Moreover, it also makes you capable of building a good future for yourself. This is because computers have become an essential part of modern life and are constantly evolving at a fast pace.

The curriculum for a bachelor’s degree in computer science focuses on the study of how to create advanced computer systems and software. It includes subjects such as algorithm theory, data structures, cryptography, and database theory.

In addition, it teaches you the fundamentals of programming and computer hardware. These topics will help you get a job in any field that is related to technology.

Forensic Science

The best course after intermediate in Pakistan is Forensic Science because it offers a high-paying job. Forensic scientists work in a forensic laboratory to examine and analyze physical evidence such as DNA, fingerprints, and blood samples.

They also testify as expert witnesses in criminal cases and civil suits. They are also required to work closely with detectives, lawyers, and the court system.

Forensic science is a branch of science that uses scientific knowledge and logic to investigate crimes and determine if people have committed them. It focuses on facts, but there is some guesswork involved in the form of estimates where specific data is missing.

Forensic science covers many different areas of investigation, including DNA analysis, ear print analysis, crime scene examination and animal bite identification. It can also include the use of technology, such as mobile device forensics and trace evidence analysis. It involves a variety of scientific disciplines and combines elements of biology, chemistry and computer science.

Information Technology

If you are interested in computers and technology, information technology is a great option. There are many careers in this field and it offers high salaries, low unemployment rates and the chance to work from home.

Getting a degree in information technology requires four years of full-time study and includes courses in math, data science and business. This is a major that’s best for students who have a strong work ethic and a knack for problem-solving.

One of the most popular information technology career paths is information security. These professionals keep computers and networks secure from hackers.

Another is database administration. This role involves storing and protecting important personal and financial data. It requires knowledge of database management, web platforms and operating system tools.

The Global Campus Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree online combines the practice and skills needed to build technical solutions, as well as the business theory to effectively apply them in the workplace. It also covers the ethical and social aspects of information technology.

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